Trojan horse virus responsible for Marussia’s disrupted test in Bahrain

Marussia has revealed that a computer virus that hit on the first day of testing in Bahrain proved to be a major setback for the team in its preparations ahead of the 2014 season.


The trojan horse style virus, which took the majority of Wednesday to overcome, coupled with an engine issue on Friday and a fuel system problem on the fourth and final day of the test, limited Marussia to just 29 laps of running at the Sakhir circuit.

As Marussia Team Principal John Booth explained to AUTOSPORT, the virus on Wednesday proved to be just the start of a catalogue of problems that plagued the Anglo-Russian squad in Bahrain.

“It started off with the first disaster, which was a computer Trojan-type virus in the racks, which cost us the best part of the day,” he said.

“So that set the tone for the week.

“On the second day, we did 17 laps and it was OK, working through problems, but then on Friday we lost most of the day with an engine issue and it took all day to change.

“The final day was a series of little problems and little problems with these cars take so long to fix.

“In the morning, we had an ERS [warning] light come on, but it turned out to be a false signal, so that was two hours lost.

“Then there was a fuel system problem, which is not a Ferrari problem, it’s ours.

“Things like that keep bogging us down, but I don’t think we had the same problem twice, which is odd because usually you get recurring problems.”

With just four days of testing left before the season opener in Australia, Marussia has completed just 59 laps of running with its 2014 car, the MR03.

But while Booth recognises that the situation is far from perfect, he remains hopeful that his Marussia team can be ready for the start of the season in March.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried in the slightest,” said Booth

“It’s OK thinking you can sort the problems but you have to prove it. But I am very hopeful.

“We have done nothing on set-up whatsoever, but having said that the drivers report that what they have done they feel pretty confident with.

“The brakes are fine and we improved that over the week, it has come on in leaps and bounds.

“We have only got a few days before the next test then four days of testing and we just have to maximise what we have left.”

Image courtesy of Pirelli Media


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