McLaren confirms it will run without FRIC in Germany

Jenson Button leads Kevin Magnussen.

McLaren has confirmed that it will not run with the banned FRIC suspension system at this weekend’s German Grand Prix, the first team to do so.

The Woking-based outfit’s move comes after the FIA announced early last week that FRIC – front/rear interconnected – suspension systems, being used my a number of teams up and down the grid, would be banned from German Grand Prix.

While the FIA had been willing to postpone the ban on FRIC until 2015 if all 11 teams could come to an unanimous agreement on a delay, it appears that any hope of an accord has now failed, with a number of outfits indicating their intent to protest any team running the system at the upcoming German Grand Prix.

Despite a lack of clarification from the FIA on whether it intends to enforce the ban in Hockenheim, AUTOSPORT reports that McLaren has removed the system from its 2014 car to avoid any possibility of exclusion.

“McLaren does not currently intend to run a FRIC suspension system at the German Grand Prix,” a McLaren spokesperson told AUTOSPORT. “McLaren will comply with the FIA’s rulings on the matter.”

With this confirmation, McLaren become the first of what is expected to be a swathe of teams to announce that they will run without FRIC in Germany, with no outfit likely to run the risk of exclusion.

Image courtesy of McLaren Mercedes


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