Suspected Schumacher medical record thief found dead

A man arrested on suspicion of stealing and attempting to sell on Michael Schumacher’s medical records was found hanged in his Zurich jail cell on Wednesday, Swiss police report.

Schumacher’s records were reported stolen in June, following his successful transfer to a facility in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the seven-time world champion continues to undergo a programme of rehabilitation for the severe head injury he suffered in a serious skiing accident in December of last year.

The man, who remains unnamed, was a manager for Rega, the Swiss air rescue firm that oversaw Schumacher’s transfer from the Grenoble hospital to Lausanne.

He was arrested on Tuesday, as Swiss prosecutors opened investigations into a possible breach of privacy at Rega, and was found dead in his jail cell on Wednesday.

“This tragic event has left us sad and speechless,” said Ernst Kohler, CEO of Rega, in a statement released on Wednesday. “Our thoughts and our sincerest condolences are with the relatives of the deceased and with the people in his surroundings at the moment.”


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