Pirelli to introduce new supersoft tyres in 2015


Pirelli will introduce a new supersoft tyre compound for the 2015 season, alongside evolutions of its 2014 rubber.

The Italian firm, which is entering its fifth year as Formula 1’s official tyre supplier, says its tyres will remain relatively unchanged in 2015.

“This year’s tyres will be evolutions of the 2014 tyres, with just one completely new tyre: the super-soft, which has a fresh rear construction and compound,” said Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery. “The 2015 tyre range will be on track at Jerez in just a few days from now.”

Hembrey said adapting to the new V6 turbo engine that were introduced in 2014 was Pirelli’s biggest challenge since entering F1.

“Last year we faced the biggest challenge that we had experienced since entering the sport, thanks to a completely new generation of cars that featured very different characteristics to before.

“Nonetheless, we met all our targets of helping to provide entertaining races, plenty of overtaking opportunities, diverse strategy options and an average of two pit stops per car at each grand prix, despite the many unknown factors for everybody.

In line with recent years, Pirelli has also released a series of infographics collating stats from the previous season, which can be seen in the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Images courtesy of Pirelli


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