Concussed Alonso to stay in hospital overnight

TEST F1/2015

McLaren has confirmed that Fernando Alonso will spend the night in hospital following his testing accident in Barcelona on Sunday.

Alonso crashed at Turn 3 just before lunchtime, and although conscious and able to speak, was airlifted to hospital for precautionary CT and MRI scans.

The Spaniard was found to be uninjured, aside from a concussion, and will remain in hospital on Sunday night as a precaution.

“Fernando’s accident was just one of those things that happens in testing,” said McLaren racing director Eric Boullier.

“Fortunately, he’s fine, but was concussed during the accident, which therefore required an overnight stay in hospital as a precaution.

“That’s normal practice after a concussion. Inevitably, some media reports have sought to exaggerate the severity of the incident – it was just a normal testing accident.”

The team had planned to run Jenson Button in the afternoon, given his lack of running across the course of the week, but the team cut short its testing programme following Alonso’s accident.

“Given the lack of remaining track time, and the lengthy and thorough procedures needed to check the car and power-unit after such an impact, the team decided that it was not worth hurrying the rebuilding of the car in order to resume testing before close of play,” Boullier explained.

“We now turn our attention to next week’s final pre-season test in Barcelona.”

Testing will continue at the Circuit de Catalunya on Thursday.

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Image courtesy of McLaren


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