Symonds: We need teams like Manor in F1

Alexander Rossi Marussia MR03 Ferrari

Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds says it is crucial that Formula 1 has smaller teams such as Manor Marussia on the grid.

Manor collapsed into administration late last year and missed the last three races of the season.

Team bosses Jon Booth and Graeme Lowdon battled over the winter to save the team, which exited administration last month courtesy of a Voluntary Company Agreement.

Booth says Manor is working on getting its cars on the grid in time for the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, and Symonds, who worked with the team before switching to Williams, says it is crucial these smaller outfits continue to compete.

“I’m really pleased Manor will be at Melbourne, I think we need teams like that,” Symonds said. “In 1981 I started in a little team called Toleman.

“There were 20 of us and we didn’t really know much about what we did or what we were doing.

“That team went on to become Benetton, and went on to become Renault then went on to become Lotus. If there wasn’t a chance for these small teams to compete it would be a real shame.

“I worked for those guys for a little while and have a lot of respect for what they are trying to do,” he added._FER4682

“They are straightforward, old-fashioned racers. They aren’t interested in the politics they just want to get racing.

“It is a really difficult task which makes it even better if they want to succeed, it’s great.”

Manor is expected to race a modified version of its 2014 cars, with a year-old power unit supplied by Ferrari, this season.

Will Stevens has already signed to drive for the reborn team, with a single seat still yet to be filled.

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Images courtesy of Pirelli and Williams F1 Team


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