Manor avoids FIA penalty for not running in Australia


The FIA has confirmed Manor will face no penalty for failing to run on track during the course of the Australian Grand Prix.

The outfit formerly known as Marussia was summoned by the FIA to explain why it failed to participate in qualifying for Sunday’s season opener at Albert Park.

Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi failed to run on track during the weekend owing to a reported software problem, which stemmed to the planned auction of its assets earlier this year.

After reviewing evidence submitted by the team, the FIA stewards confirmed that Manor had not been in breach of the regulations as it had made all reasonable effort to run in Melbourne.

The stewards said Manor had attended the event, brought a significant amount of equipment to Australia, produced all required documents, taken part in scrutineering, brought sufficient staff, and prepared its cars to a state when they were mechanically complete and ready to run if not for the aforementioned software problem.

“The stewards accepted that the team explained it had used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that its cars were able to compete in active competition, therefore the stewards take no further action during the event,” read a statement released by the stewards.

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Image courtesy of Manor Marussia F1 Team


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