Van der Garde and Sauber reach settlement

Malaysian GP Friday 28/03/14

Giedo van der Garde and Sauber have reached a settlement to end their legal dispute.

The Dutch racer confirmed his contract with Sauber has been terminated by mutual consent, while acknowledging that his Formula 1 career is now probably over.

“As a passionate race driver, I feel sad and am very disappointed,” read a statement released by van der Garde via Facebook.

“I have worked very hard my entire career, ever since starting with go-karts at the age of eight, to live my dream and become a successful F1 driver.

“I had hoped at last to be able to show what I am capable of, driving a car for a respected midfield team in the 2015 season. This dream has been taken away from me.”

Van der Garde called for new regulations to be put in place to protect the rights of drivers with legitimate contracts.

“I sincerely hope that what has happened to me will start a movement aimed at setting new standards and bringing about new regulations to help protect the rights of drivers.

“There are numerous examples of talented drivers with good intentions but without the sort of professional support that I have had, who have been broken by Formula 1 and who have seen their careers destroyed.

“I therefore hope that my unprecedented case which was heard last week by the Supreme Court of Victoria at Melbourne will serve as an example to illustrate what should change, and that new regulations will be implemented to help protect driver rights.”

The Dutchman says he hopes to pursue a racing career in the World Endurance Championship, or in the German DTM series in the future.

Image courtesy of Sauber Motorsports AG


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