Button unfazed despite Alonso crash claims

Jenson Button in the garage.

Jenson Button says he is unconcerned about driving the MP4-30, despite claims from McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso that his testing crash was caused by a steering failure.

Alonso was forced to sit out the 2015 season opener in Australia after a crash at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya last month, but has been declared fit to race in Malaysia this weekend.

The Spaniard told reporters on Thursday that the steering on his car locked ahead of his crash, but admits the problem remains unidentified.

Despite the lack of any data to prove what caused the crash, Button says he is not concerned about racing this weekend.

“I’ve looked at the data and I’m happy to drive the car,” Button said. “My view hasn’t changed on that.”

“We have a lot of sensors on the car and this team is very experienced in incidents and they – as with every team in Formula One – take every precaution possible in terms of safety.

“It’s one of those things, isn’t it? But after seeing the data and watching the steering trace, my view hasn’t changed from what it had when I saw the data initially. I feel comfortable getting into the car and driving it.”

Image courtesy of McLaren


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