Hamilton laughs off Red Bull’s Mercedes complaints


Lewis Hamilton says Christian Horner’s call for equalisation is ‘funny’ given the extent of Red Bull’s success in recent years.

Hamilton and his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg dominated the 2015 season opener in Australia, coming home half a minute clear of third place finisher Sebastian Vettel.

Daniel Ricciardo was a lapped sixth, prompting Red Bull team boss Horner to call on the FIA to rein in the dominant Mercedes squad.

Red Bull won all eighth titles on offer between 2010 and 2013, before the switch to V6 turbo engines last year, and Hamilton thinks it is comical for the Milton Keynes-based team to now want to handicap Mercedes.

“I find it quite funny,” Hamilton said. “It’s an interesting opinion coming from individuals who have had so much success. “Bearing in mind it has only been one race, so to already have comments like this is what I find funny.

Mercedes enjoyed little immediate success after returning to the sport in 2010, but Hamilton says the team never called for the rules to be changed, it simply pushed on, resulting in a breakthrough year in 2014.

“It was a big step for me to come to this team that had so many years of poor performance,” he explained.

“They hadn’t had the success of other teams and not once did this team complain to others in order to equalise things, they just worked their arses off.

“Joining that team and making that progress, now we are the best team, we have pulled together and done an amazing job.

“It is not just me here, there are 1000 people back at the two factories working day and night to build the best car and we have done that with the same rules and resources as the other teams have had and we can be very proud of that.”

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Image courtesy of Daimler


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