Massa: Williams must regain straight-line speed advantage


Felipe Massa says Williams needs to regain the straight-line speed advantage it enjoyed last season if it is to beat Ferrari in 2015.

Massa came home fourth behind Ferrari debutant Sebastian Vettel in Australia, and he fears that his former team has jumped Williams after making significant progress with its engine over the winter break.

“We don’t have an advantage anymore on the straights,” Massa told reporters in Sepang. “The only thing that Ferrari shows that they have improved massively is the engine, they have a much better system, a much better engine compared to last year.

“Last year we had a car that we were losing in the corners, we had less downforce than Ferrari, but we were gaining on the straights.

“This year the car is much better in terms of downforce and better in the corners, so we already finish in a good way, but how we start we are losing massively.

“We were compensating the speed we were gaining on the straight, but this time we don’t have this difference on the straight anymore.

“We need to work as strong as we can because we are fighting with a top team that has a big possibility financially to develop the car. I am really thinking we can do it though.”

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Image courtesy of Williams F1 Team


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