Arrivabene: Vettel did an ‘unbelievable job’


Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene hailed Sebastian Vettel’s ‘unbelievable job’ following his thrilling Malaysian Grand Prix win.

Vettel beat the three-stopping Mercedes team-mates of Lewis Hamilton on a two-stop strategy to record his maiden win for Ferrari, and the team’s first since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix.

Despite an early puncture which left him last, Kimi Raikkonen recovered to finish fourth, prompting praise all round from new Ferrari boss Arrivabene.

“Yesterday when we had qualifying I was part happy and part not,” he said following the Malaysian Grand Prix. “But the car of Seb was up there.

“Normally I don’t know why people in this world are not talking very openly, so this morning we had the brief. During the brief I saw the strategy and one slide after the other, the conversation with the engineer, then suddenly the race was becoming very clear and I said, ‘Haha, here we can do something interesting’.

“I have to say the discipline of the guys was amazing and the job of Seb was unbelievable. I have to congratulate also Kimi because he caught bad luck but still, from last position, was able to do a good job.

“During the race I was thinking about the briefing of this morning and I was looking at the discipline of the guys, drivers, engineers, and how they were working like a Swiss watch. But in this case it was a perfect Italian watch!”

Image courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari


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