Lotus: Calls to rein in Mercedes were premature

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Malaysian Grand Prix - Race Day - Sepang, Malaysia

Lotus deputy team boss Federico Gastaldi says Sebastian Vettel’s win at the Malaysian Grand Prix proves calls to equalise the Formula 1 field were premature.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called for Mercedes to be reined in by the FIA in the aftermath of the Silver Arrow’s domination of the 2015 season opener in Australia.

Vettel came home half a minute shy of winner Lewis Hamilton in Melbourne, but beat Mercedes to take victory in a thrilling race in Malaysia, and Gastaldi says people were wrong to jump to early conclusions after just a single race.

“We heard these calls after the first race of the season which was maybe a little early  to be making such noise,” he said.

“Now after two races there have been two different teams  who have taken race wins, so the idea that Mercedes will have it all their own way this year was a little premature.

“Formula 1 is always very competitive and it doesn’t matter which year you’re in or the circumstances of a team in any given year: we all want to win and will do everything we can to become as competitive as possible.

“Of course, we have a promoter and a regulatory body which are both very attuned to the various needs of the sport, so every aspect is always very closely scrutinised.”

Whatever the result, the Lotus boss believes it is simply to good to have people talking about Formula 1 for the right reasons again.

“The Malaysian Grand Prix was a great race in terms of the spectacle on track and if we have races like that for the rest of the season we’re in for a pretty good time!” he added.

“Just like any year, we’re sure to have some races which have people on the edges of their seats as well as some which are far more tactical and appeal more to the connoisseur. That’s the nature of Formula 1.

“Just as we see a variety of different natured racing over the course of a season, it’s also often the case that we hear lots of opinions about the sport as we have done already this year.

“No matter what people’s opinion, it’s great that people are talking about Formula 1.”

Image courtesy of Lotus F1 Team


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