Renault planning ‘aggressive’ approach in China


Renault will take a ‘more aggressive’ approach to this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, says operations chief Remi Taffin.

The French firm has suffered a miserable start to the 2015 season, with both Red Bull Racing and Tor Rosso encountering reliability and driveability problems with its updated power unit.

Despite the early setbacks, Taffin believes Renault made a step forward in Malaysia, and says he expects to see proof of further progress this weekend in China.

“In Malaysia we got close to what we would consider the normal level of driveability we had at the end of 2014,” said Taffin. “For China we will have some small steps forward.

“We have continued the intensive test program started after Australia and we will see further results in Shanghai. Performance was likewise an improvement in Malaysia, although we did keep some in reserve to safeguard reliability.

“Now we are getting more confident in this area we can afford to be more aggressive and we should see better results on the straights, with a higher top speed. We finished in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th in Malaysia and with the improvements put in place we hope to be further up.

“Toro Rosso has shown it has a good basic car and the drivers are confident, while Red Bull should be on top of the issues experienced in Malaysia. With the improvements to driveability and overall performance, we hope we can fight the Williams’ cars and grab some more points in China.”

Image courtesy of Renault Sport


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