Hamilton: “There’s no issue between me and Nico”


Lewis Hamilton says he and Nico Rosberg have moved on from their post-Chinese Grand Prix spat.

A frustrated Rosberg criticised Hamilton following the race in Shanghai, suggesting that his Mercedes team-mate had deliberately backed him into Sebastian Vettel during the middle stint.

However, speaking during the FIA press conference in Bahrain on Thursday, Hamilton said he and Rosberg had settled the issue ahead of this weekend’s race.

“Well, it’s something we spoke about after the race so I don’t particularly see a reason to go back into it,” he said. “Obviously you know what my comments were after the race and some people have spun those words in whichever way they wanted to spin them.

“Yeah, we’re moving forwards and we will re-unite as a team this weekend and try to do a great job. There’s no issue between me and Nico. We saw each other this morning and everything is good.

“They’re going to be times when people are unhappy about some things but we’re grown-ups and we move past it.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested in the wake of the pair’s spat that the reigning champions could consider implementing team orders in the future to avoid any repeat of the incident, but Hamilton said he does not expect the team’s philosophy to change.

“I’m not really aware of Toto’s comments so I don’t really know anything about it, he added. “Team orders is not something we generally talk much about.

“It’s not our approach but ultimately our job as two drivers is to try to help the team get the best result overall and regardless of whether you’re first or second, it’s your job to try and make sure you try and secure the most points as possible for the team.”

Hamilton admits he expects Ferrari to continue its strong form from the opining races to Bahrain.

“Regarding the tyres, as it was in Malaysia, [Bahrain is] very much a rear-limited circuit so you have to assume that Ferrari will be very strong again,” he said.

“But I think we’re going to try and take, from our experience with Malaysia, a slightly different approach and hope that that helps us combat that whatever you want to call it: weakness or area in which we can improve.

“I feel quite confident that as a team we can rectify that issue that we had in Malaysia, but it’s still going to be tough and Ferrari have been very, very competitive in the last couple of races, so I anticipate they will be very strong this weekend and our race is definitely with them.”

This article first appeared on Richland F1 – Image courtesy of Mercedes AMG PETRONAS


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