Hamilton thrilled to beat Raikkonen to third win of 2015


Lewis Hamilton was thrilled after holding on to secure his third win of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton led the field away from pole and built up enough of an advantage during the opening stint to retain his lead following the opening round of stops.

The reigning champion controlled the pace during the middle phase of the race, and just hang on in the closing stages to secure his third win of the campaign despite a late braking issue.

“Firstly just a huge thank you to my team, they did an amazing job this weekend,” he said.

“The Ferraris gave us a really good run for our money, and out there it was really difficult to look after the tyres in these conditions behind backmarkers and all sorts.

“Fortunately I was able to keep the car together, keep the tyres as healthy as possible.

“We need to keep pushing as a team, which we’ll of course do, and just a massive thank you to everyone and all the people that came out to support me this weekend, I really appreciate it.”

Hamilton believes his time spent lapping the back markers prompted his late brake-by-wire fault, but dismissed it as a serious problem.

“I think my brakes just got a bit warm when I was behind a few backmarkers,” he explained. “When you get behind them, there’s no cool air coming in the brakes so they got a bit warm, but there wasn’t a problem.”

Image courtesy of Pirelli


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