Pirelli confirms latest tyre nominations


Pirelli has confirmed its tyre nominations for the next four rounds of the Formula 1 season in Spain, Monaco, Canada and Austria.

In an aggressive move, the Italian tyre manufacturer has nominated the same compounds as in 2014, despite this year’s faster cars.

Pirelli will bring the hard and medium compounds to next month’s Spanish Grand Prix, with the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya known for its high tyre loads.

The Monaco Grand Prix will mark the debut of the 2015 specification super-soft tyre, with the smooth streets of Monte Carlo perfect for the softest of Pirelli’s tyre compounds.

As was the case in 2014 the soft compound will be used alongside the super-soft rubber.

Pirelli will take the same two compounds to both the Canadian and Austrian Grands Prix.

Montreal’s Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve is a track reliant on mechanical grip, where traction and braking are crucial, while the sharp corners of the Red Bull Ring mean average speeds are low, making the soft and super-soft tyres ideal in both cases.

Tyre nominations:

Australia – Soft, Medium

Malaysia – Medium, Hard

China – Soft, Medium

Bahrain – Soft, Medium

Spain – Medium, Hard

Monaco – Super-soft, Soft

Canada – Super-soft, Soft

Austria – Super-soft, Soft

Image courtesy of Pirelli


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