Button: Difference between current MP4-30 and pre-season McLaren ‘night and day’


Jenson Button says the difference between the current MP4-30 and the car McLaren brought to Barcelona pre-season is ‘night and day’.

Button ended a busy day seventh fastest as McLaren experimented with a series of new updates for its Honda-powered car.

“You simply can’t compare the car I drove today to the car I last tested here back in February,” he explained, “the difference is night and day.

“Then, the last corner was easy-flat, whereas now it isn’t because of the extra grunt our Honda power unit is pushing out these days.

The 2009 champion admits that McLaren is still working to optimise its package after running plenty of new upgrades on Friday.

“We felt reasonably good on the Prime tyre this morning, but really struggled on it in the afternoon, when we were much better on the Option.

“So there’s a lot of work for us to do in every area to optimise what we have, and also to figure out why the car is doing certain things on track.

“All in all, it’s been a positive but tough day in terms of putting miles on our components: for example, we tried three different front wings today – so the sessions were mainly about data collecting.

“There’s still plenty of room for improvement, so we need to properly study all the data tonight.”

Image courtesy of McLaren


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