Hamilton: Second place a case of ‘damage limitation’


Lewis Hamilton says his second place finish in the Spanish Grand Prix was a case of ‘damage limitation’.

Hamilton dropped to third off the start, falling behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel on the run down to Turn 1.

He was unable to pass the German in the opening stages and instead switched to a three-stop strategy in order to clear the Ferrari.

Hamilton re-joined second, ahead of Vettel, after his third and final stop, but was unable to challenge Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, who claimed his first win of 2015.

“I got off to a poor start with too much wheel spin and had to fight hard just to keep third,” Hamilton said.

“From there it was always going to be tough as it’s difficult to run right behind another car here and even tougher to pass. I managed to stay close enough to Seb before the first stops but unfortunately we lost a bit of time there.

“In the end, we went for a three stop strategy to try something different. That call was made quite early on as it was clear it wouldn’t have worked to stay out for that long and, again, passing on track was almost impossible. Luckily we had the pace to make it work.”

“Nico was then 22 seconds ahead with 15 laps to go which was a big gap,” he explained. “I pushed really hard to close up until about 6 laps from the end but I was only gaining about a second per lap which wasn’t enough.

“So, damage limitation on a difficult weekend for me. But I’m grateful that I could score some good points for the team.”

Image courtesy of Daimler


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